social networkSocial media marketing has become increasingly complex as more networks emerge and users continually migrate between platforms. However, social networking is still considered one of the best ways to get in touch with your audience. It can help you interact with them and truly find out which aspects your organization should improve on in order to serve your client base. As social media rises in popularity, there are new trends emerging that businesses should make note of in order to ensure success with their own social media marketing strategy.

1. More people using networks
While there was moderate social networking use with Facebook, the addition of Twitter and other social media sites have continued to interest an increasingly mobile society. According to a recent report by eMarketer, about one in seven people worldwide use a social networking site at least once a month, amounting to about 1.61 billion people. However, this number is set to grow to more than 2 billion people by 2017. This year’s number of social network users grew by 14.2 percent, and the rate is expected to drop to 7.6 percent by 2017. While the sites are still gaining a steady amount of followers, the highest penetration comes from the Netherlands with 63.5 percent of the population using social media – the U.S. claimed sixth with more than 51 percent.

2. Bigger variety of social media sites
The emergence of Snapchat, Vine and Instagram has changed the game for social media marketing. All three of these platforms become popular quickly among younger users, which opens up an entirely new follower base for organizations. However, businesses must assess their audience and determine what their interests are before establishing another profile. Understanding client interests will help you decide which sites would be worth investing time in. The variety of platforms could also increase the sharability of your content and help give it the personal touch that followers are looking for.

“If a 10-second shelf life for ads and marketing campaigns is just too much to swallow, it doesn’t mean you can’t use new, highly visual social media tools,” Forbes contributor Natalie Burg wrote. “The 6-second Vine videos built into Twitter, and Facebook-owned Instagram videos and photos, offer marketers many of the same benefits without the flightiness of Snapchat.”

3. Increase in campaign spending
Marketing is the lifeblood for numerous organizations, and it takes a significant amount of resources in order to bring a campaign to life – social media is no different. According to a recent report by Decipher, seven out of ten marketers are expected to increase their social media spending next year as social networking continues to grow, according to a post by The Social Graf. An additional 29 percent are also aiming to raise their efforts in word of mouth marketing.

Social media is becoming an integral part of business operations and can help draw interest from the intended audience. In order to serve this growing customer base, organizations can invest in business phone solutions to handle client calls and deliver quality service. In order to find out about these offerings and more, contact Fonality today.