If you’re like most of us, you are not comfortable with change.  Sure, we like to think we are flexible and can adapt to whatever comes our way.  But if we’re truthful with ourselves and admit change is hard, it’s much easier to make those adjustments.   Of course, one of the biggest adjustments we need to make is with Social Media.  Why do we need it? But I don’t get it? I can’t fit it in!  I just don’t see what good it will do for my business, and so on.  If you uttered any one of those statements or something similar, you will want to watch this:

Social Media is here to stay.  The format may change as the tech world evolves but it’s a given, this may one day be one of the best way to reach our targeted audience.  If you are still feeling overwhelmed, go to a seminar or workshop and find out more about it.  But whatever you decide to do in the Social Media realm, make sure you treat it like you would any other form of marketing.  Remember why the platform was created, how the customer uses it and what they expect to see delivered via that particular platform.  Make sure you are consistent with your delivery and speak their language – what’s important to them, what’s relevant.  And of course, collect your data. 

Author: Karen Pryor – President of Pryor2 Marketing.  She is an award winning and creative problem solver with more than 10 years experience of high level project and client management, including initiating, developing and presenting campaigns which help national and international clients reach goals that are essential to the company’s growth.