In several of my past posts, such as “What is Social Drip Marketing??” I have mentioned Social Leads. Today, I am going to discuss these leads, and how to find them through social media, in more in depth.

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What is a Social Lead?
In marketing, a lead is a person or business who would potentially buy your product. Once a company finds a lead, the company must “nurture”, or pursue, the lead in order to close a purchase. Not all leads become customers—in the conventional marketing funnel, leads would be placed only around the top “awareness” portion of the funnel. Nonetheless, the more leads you can find, the better chance you have of finding actual customers as well.

Who are Social Leads?
This depends on the product you are trying to sell. Lead generation can be largely demographic based—if your product is geared towards a younger audience, look for potential customers who fit that age range. Next, look for interest. This is much easier to do with the aid of social media than without: browse through hobbies, pages and people that they follow, recent mentions, etc.

Where can you find Social Leads?
Speaking of social media, it is full of new opportunities in marketing and, more specifically, lead generation. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest are all vast sources.

When should you start marketing to a lead?
It is never too early to send that first message. Going back to the idea of drip marketing, leads may be reluctant or disinterested at first, but steady contact is key to that final sale.

This post is, admittedly, far too brief to cover all that social media lead generation involves. For a more thorough explanation, check out this whitepaper on the insightpool website.

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