YouTube has revealed the UK’s most popular YouTube ads in 2012, with Honda Civic’s ‘Spark TV ad’ topping the list.

With over 4 billion hours of video being watched each month on YouTube, the opportunity for brand exposure is huge and 2012 has seen even more brands turning their attention towards harnessing the power of video and YouTube.

Hamish Nicklin, head of creative agency partnerships at YouTube, says ” Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of YouTube to build their brand interact with their fans and spread their message.”

The top 10 YouTube ads in 2012

1. Honda Civic UK – Honda Civic ‘Spark’ HD TV ad

From Honda’s YouTube Channel: “When Honda engineers set about designing the new Civic, they ventured into the unknown with just the spark of an idea. This film shows the journey of that spark, from the moment of its birth, through the challenges it overcomes, and the different paths it follows, until it finally culminates in the new Honda Civic.”

2. Peugeot – Nonstop to Rudimental ft. John Newman

For the launch of the new 208 Peugeot needed to make a video for social media that their target audience (younger drivers) wanted to watch and share. This resulted in a social video that entertained the younger driver audience whilst also reinforcing the new Peugeot 208′s global advertising proposition “let your body drive”.

The video featured Marquese Scott, a dubstep dancer already popular on YouTube, and a popular and current soundtrack. The car itself was only ever in the background but certainly helped Peugeot reinforce their brand values and helped promote the car.

3. Durex – Durex Vinyl

A great example of how video can be used to effectively communicate a sensitive issue. Not surprisingly, this ad proved very popular on social channels.

4. 02 – 02 pay & go go go is here

5. CompareTheMarket – Meerkat polka band play Corrie theme tune

6. BT Infinity – Take a look around flat 6

7. Google Chrome – Julie Deane

8. EE – Fenton 4GEE Remaster

9. GiffGaff – The CONtract feat. K-Orville

10. Turner Benelux – A dramatic surprise on a quiet square