Smart phones have really raised the bar in providing ways for people to communicate. Mobile broadband is making it even easier for users to connect and share more information from smart phone to computer. Social networking apps are an integral part of the process as more people use them to browse profiles, find new associates, and stay in touch. The following three applications are some of the best choices available to smart phone users. Staying connected whether you are at home or waiting on a bus is not at all difficult using mobile broadband.

The new offering from Google in the arena of social media is Google+. Google is striving to offer a solid, efficient experience with this social media platform. Circles are a highly touted feature that will not only help with organization but prevent information from being presented to parties that the user does not want. It is slated to be a streamlined, less bloated experience than other social media networks.

Google+ will provide a great arena to keep in touch with friends, family, coworkers, or business contacts because of these easy to use features. Does that mean Google+ will be a Facebook killer? Not hardly. Google+ is an excellent alternative to Facebook for users seeking a more refined, efficient experience without a lot of the bloat. That refined approach will make Google+ more popular for maintaining business relationships through a smart phone.

There are many factors that people are critical of when it comes to Facebook. Their reputation has not always been stellar in protecting the rights and privacy of their users. Security issues such as viruses being perpetrated on users are still a difficult thing to stamp out and enlighten the user base of. However, these negatives have not done much to dissuade new members from signing up and old members from signing in.

Facebook is still the largest and most used social networking platform available. So many people have accounts on Facebook that it will be very difficult to unseat its role of importance. Any user that wants to stay connected to friends and family will want to be using the Facebook app for their smart phone.

Many people have the wrong impression of what Twitter is and how to best use it. The best way to think of Twitter is like an electronic cocktail party. Twitter offers businesses, customers, friends, and family an easy way to share bite-sized chunks of information. Those bite-sized chunks of information can be very valuable if travelling to a location or on business. It is a great way to provide small bits of information about yourself, your personality, or provide a more personal connection with professional contacts.

Using Twitter as a method to broadcast real information rather than spamming links or inane information is an excellent way to build a network of interested people. The great thing about it is one can simply browse their feed using the Twitter app and participate with conversations of their various followers. Whether you are in business or using it to personally keep in touch, it provides a great means of communication.

Social apps for the smart phone are growing to be a major contributor to social media networks. They grant a lot of freedom to the user to stay in contact whether they are home or abroad. The number of smart phones being used is consistently on the rise as new technology emerges and more efficient data transmission through mobile broadband is unveiled. Expect to see social media apps grow and adapt to embrace these new technologies all in the convenient bundle of a smart phone.

Author: Michael Stevens a freelancer technology writer who has written for various technology sites including broadband expert.