Often you will find yourself wondering why your social media marketing strategies are bringing you back to square one. You are not seeing an increase in the amount of conversions and you are definitely not getting your business noticed the way you wanted. When you look around at other brands, you see a large fan following, numerous conversions and high engagement overall. So, you think to yourself why you’re not getting what you expected out of your own marketing strategy.

Well, there are a few secret ingredients that complete a social media marketing strategy and give it that extra zing. Here are a few out-of-the-box tactics you can adopt to give your marketing strategy a little boost.

Post content after business hours

You might think that posting your content during regular office hours might attract more eyeballs, but that is not necessarily the case. During office hours, your target audience might be busy with their daily tasks and might not be able to spare a glance at their social media pages. However, people are more likely to browse through their social media accounts after working hours. It is during this time, that your content will get noticed and shared.

Publish meaningful content

Publishing consistently good content will place your brand in a positive light, and your audience will want to willingly visit your page for the posts that you share. By publishing fresh content regularly, you can keep your social media pages active. It can be difficult to come up with relevant and valuable content all the time, and if you think you have hit a roadblock in terms of content, try out a content discovery tool which can make finding content simple.

Don’t try to sell in every post

The content you choose to post on your social media pages should vary from post to post. Avoid marketing your product in every single post. Instead, share informative posts with your audience. People enjoy reading humorous posts that are informative but are presented in a funnier way. The popular ice-cream brand, Ben & Jerry’s, tends to keep most of the posts on their Facebook page on the quirkier side.

Give your audience a break from the formal marketing posts, and publish videos, audio clips, infographics, or relevant memes. Your audience will definitely want to come back for more.

Reward loyal customers

Take an in-depth look at your social media pages, and pick out customers who are constantly engaging with your brand – giving suggestions, providing feedback and participating in discussions. Choose a loyal customer at random, and reward them for their loyalty and support. It will pay off in the long run as it will lead to people appreciating your brand, and will also help bring in new customers.

Run contests and giveaways

There are many brands out there that are using this tactic to their utmost advantage. Running contests, giveaways or asking questions will give your audience an opportunity to interact with you, and it will also give you a chance to show that you are listening to what your customers have to say. The woman’s deodorant brand, Secret, often publishes engaging posts, giving its customers a chance to engage with the brand.

By getting your audience to share their opinions and suggestions, you are showing that you value their opinions, and welcome their suggestions for your brand. Your audience will also feel wanted and appreciated.

Use promotional words

Words like “free”, “offers” and “sale” tend to attract attention immediately. Use these words in your posts whenever possible, but make sure it fits the context. Incorporate these words in the post creatively, and add an image along with the post so that these posts are easily noticeable.

For social media marketing strategies to work to your advantage, they need to be refurbished from time to time. Instead of applying the usual run-of-the-mill tactics, try out something fresh every time. This will energize your marketing strategy and give your audience something to look forward each time they visit your social media pages.

Image Credit: Narciso1 via Pixabay