scientific marketingIn my experience marketing falls into two main categories, measureable and non-measureable.

  1. You can’t measure it, blue-sky, looks fancy, sounds great, can’t really tell what leads, sales and loyalty it actually generates kind.
  2. The scientific approach that looks at the facts and reality of marketing and its impact on leads, sales and loyalty to maximise your businesses growth kind.

If you were running a business which would you prefer ?

If its the first then go spend some more money on marketing as you’ve probably got an endless pit of money.

However, if it’s the second then, you’re probably an SME which is great, so please read on.

Scientific Outcomes You Need To Know

The hinge pin to ALL successful marketing is simple…great content and it showed clear as day in a recent piece of research along with the following key finds.

  • For social media, great content is just as important. Its all very well “engaging”, but if you’re not creating then your influence and impact is significantly reduced.
  • Similarly if you don’t position yourself as an expert then people won’t treat you like one, just another supplier who’s out to grab some cash.
  • I’ve said it a million time, but I’ll say it again, STOP talking about yourself, instead talk about the problems and situations your potential customers face and need help with.
  • If you’re going to share content, mix it up with other content, but don’t completely crowd out your own content.
  • Timing is crucial so that you don’t get lost in a sea of other content.
  • People share what is worth sharing or what they think others believe is worth sharing, just like the crowd that queues outside a shop because everybody else is queuing.
  • Make sure you use calls to action within your social media and ask your audience what you want them to do.

See Scientic Marketing Research In Action

A presentation by Dan Zarella, the resident social media scientist for HubSpot dispels many of the myths in social media with some very interesting facts and research to back it up.

Watch below.

The Science of Social Media from HubSpot on Vimeo.