Like any business, artist, or humor website, colleges and universities are active in the social media world. How active? Thanks to Best Education Sites for putting together this interactive infographic ranking the top schools of the web, we can see who the social media warriors are.

The comprehensive data reveals which university yields the most “likes” on Facebook, how many channel views through YouTube, and the number of Twitter followers for the top universities. Syracuse University is the most active Twitter user, tweeting over 10,000 times! Along with social media numbers and triumphs, this infographic also presents stats strictly based on the schools website. Would you have guessed gray to be the most often used color on education sites? Or that Serif font is used only 5% of the time? Here’s a surprising number; there are 98 schools using Century Gothic font on their website. Check out more statistics and interact (on the actual site towards the bottom) with this infographic.

Created by: Best Education Sites