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Buy them.

If all you care about is followers, they are not hard to get. There are companies that exist to get your follower numbers up. You can contract with them for hundreds and thousands and millions of new followers.

In addition, if all you care about is followers, you can pay to find them. You can promote posts on Facebook and Instagram that say “follow us”. You can spend as much money as you can find to show your ads to more people and send those people to your Facebook page.

If all you care about is followers, you can promise people who follow you all kinds of things. You can give them free stuff, and send them on luxurious vacations.

If all you care about is followers, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to get them.

But if all you care about is followers, you are doing something wrong. Because successful marketers and business owners care about more than followers. They care about outcomes. And the only reason they care about followers is because there is a strategy to turn those followers into customers, and customers into advocates.

And if you care about outcomes, like you should, there is no quick and easy way to get more social media followers.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go after them. If success on social media was easy, everyone would do it.

The companies that succeed in gaining traction and engaging with people on social media are the ones that take the time to think through their strategy. They know who they are looking for, and how to find them. And they have taken the time to develop resources, content, information, etc. that is valuable to those people.

When you give your prospective customers something that they want or something that they need, you are earning followers. And you are earning followers that will support you – by buying your stuff, or telling their friends.

Turning social media into an effective marketing channel isn’t easy. And so if part of your job is doing just that, be prepared to put in the time and the energy required to do it right. Or just buy a bunch of followers and wait to get fired.