Hire a guide to help, ford the river, or caulk the wagon and float it across? If you’ve ever felt the pain of losing half your oxen or a virtual family member to a river crossing disaster, you’ve probably already made up your mind. If not, then start working on your strategy.

Mecc’s classic computer game is back once again. A rather faithful recreation of the original 1971 release of The Oregon Trail is scheduled to make its debut on Facebook on February 2nd, and this time if Isiah comes down with typhoid fever, all your friends are going to know about it.

The social aspects being added to the Facebook port are going to add an interesting twist to the tried and true formula of this iconic game.

“We’re pretty much beside ourselves with excitement,” writes The Learning Company, the group behind the Facebook version of the game, on their Facebook fan page.

This move comes on the heels of a wildly successful year in the world of Facebook video gaming, with games like the ever-popular ‘Farmville’ opening up the social gaming world to people who otherwise would probably not consider themselves gamers.

Pack your spare wagon tongue and stock up on non-perishables because it’s Willamette Valley or bust and winter is closing in fast.

Image Source: Wikipedia