Blogs were buzzing with morning with the news that Myspace has finally opened its brand new, redesigned website to the public. Dubbed the ‘new’ Myspace, the social networking website had been in beta testing since the summer and was accessible on an invite-only basis. Now open to the public, users can join the website at Eager to check out what the buzz was about, I quickly signed up.

Upon entering the website, it quickly became apparent that Myspace is not attempting to compete with Facebook and Twitter in terms of design or functionality. Rather, the new Myspace relaunch brings a fresh new social outlook to online music streaming. There is no question that music dominates the newly launched social networking website. No matter where you go in the new site, there is always a music player at the bottom of the screen.

The new site features a stunning, horizontally scrolling layout, which sets it apart from its competitors. Oversized photos, full screen video and the ability to drag-and-drop content give the site a very modern feel. Think Instagram combined with Vimeo smashed together with Tumblr – all held together by Spotify. There are also a lot of fun, new features as well. For instance, just start typing anywhere on the site and a search box will appear. Users can create multimedia playlists featuring music, videos and photos as well as message their friends, connect with artists and post updates. Bands also will be able to upload their own music to attempt

However, as I was searching throughout the site, I kept wondering where all the brands went. Like I mentioned earlier, the new Myspace appears to have little interest in taking on Facebook and Twitter. The downside? The relaunched site leaves brands behind. Brand pages are non-existent on the site, which begs the question – why? While it would not make sense for an organization to join Myspace without a music connection, companies like Billboard and Rolling Stone (to name a few) could utilize the site to connect to fans and promote new content. Myspace dropped the ball on this one.

Overall, Myspace is a breath of fresh air for the socially-adept music fanatic in your life. For everyone else, you’re not missing anything.

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