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The media landscape today is cluttered with constant messages and tactics claiming to be the next big thing in marketing. Some end up being passing fads, and others prove to be useful ways to connect with existing and potential fans. Experiential marketing is one approach that allows for endless creativity and connects brands with fans in exciting and immersive ways.

Experiential marketing, or experience design, is known as marketing that can be touched or that draws people into the experience digitally. Some great campaigns that have gone beyond traditional media into experiential marketing include Heineken’s “Departure Roulette,” Red Bull Stratos that 8 million people watched live, and KLM Airline’s puppy-powered viral video. All these campaigns created a unique experience for consumers, and connected with people on an emotional level.

Travelers had a once in a lifetime opportunity to be truly spontaneous with Heineken
Travelers had a once in a lifetime opportunity to be truly spontaneous with Heineken’s “Departure Roulette” campaign.

Brands are investing more into this type of interaction with customers, and it provides many opportunities to imaginatively include different digital aspects into the campaigns including social.

Different forms of experiential marketing like prankvertising, viral videos, installations, and live events would not be complete without social media. These campaigns are conversation starters, and allowing fans to be a part of that dialogue is imperative.

There are many campaigns that have successfully included social into the interactive experience. At last year’s TedXPortland event the brilliant stage design created by Henry V was inspired by the “perfect” form of the honeycomb included a custom Postano social display that allowed fans to be a part of the production with their shared posts and photos including their thoughts and insights about the speakers throughout the day.

TEDxPortland Main Stage.
TEDxPortland Main Stage.

Other great activations that have successfully incorporated social into creative experiences include Oreo’s “Daily Twist” Pinterest campaign, laser-mapped social content at Buzzfeed’s Bowtie’s and Burgers event, and Airbnb’s use of Vine for a fan-sourced short film.

Experiential marketing creates a deeper, personal connection with brands. These creative campaigns can’t be complete without adding social. Whether there is digital real estate in your installation, or space on your microsite to highlight fan sentiment in a web embed, social and experiential marketing go hand in hand, making integrating social into your next experience design a no-brainer. Your fans are going to share content around buzzworthy campaigns. Harness the voices of your fans and leverage user generated content to create a truly unique and impressive experience.