The Five Hottest Social Media Jobs

Screen shot 2012 10 22 at 9.50.50 AM 300x300 The Five Hottest Social Media JobsThe social media skills are today among the most demanded qualities on the labor market. This can be considered a good thing by anyone who’s searching for a job, because it opens a truly wide area of different possibilities to enter almost every industry that exists. If you are social media and online savvy, maybe you would want to reconsider your current career choices:

Social Strategist: If you ever wandered who are the people who decide the “big picture” of the whole social media communication of a particular company, here’s your answer – social strategists are the ones who decide the entire framework of the organization’s social media efforts as well as deciding upon the budget for the campaigns, types of outlets to be pursued in each campaign, etc.

Community Managers spend most of their time focused on maintaining and increasing the network of friends, fans, followers or subscribers that the organization has developed. The larger the network grows, the greater the need of having control over the increasing number of comments, the newly published posts, discussions and surveys, developed polls, etc.

Social Media Analytics: The development of different software and tools now allows companies’ authorities to measure the impact and the results they get from a certain social media campaign. If you have great analyzing skills and can estimate the value the company has of every social media network member that has been converted into a hot prospect, of every click, like, tweet, share or comment he/she has made, then the social media analytics is certainly a job for you.

Social Media Design Specialist: Each social media network has its own style and design way more different from the companies’ brand theme. Here come the social media design specialists whose job is to make sure that the business will maintain its cohesive messaging and imaging throughout all of its marketing efforts.

Social Media Developers make sure that all websites are well linked and integrated together from user-experience point of view, including everything, from the company’s website, to the blog, the Facebook fan page or Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile and Google+ page. Working over new certain features or add-ons to be included in the company’s overall marketing strategy would be one of your responsibilities too.

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