No, I am not talking about Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account being hacked… he’ll get over it.

And I’m also not talking about an embarassing, ill-conceivved post, like the the kind that cost you your job…

No, I”m talking about the REAL dark side of Facebook, and ALL of Social Media for that matter.

Where someone goes to the extraordinary length of inflicting bodily harm on another human being… like this as seen on yesterday:

It’s the same sad, sordid tale you’ve heard a 1,000 times before…

  • Girl #1 likes guy
  • Girl #2, cousin of Girl #1, likes same guy
  • Girl #2 gets “friended” by guy on Facebook
  • Girl 1 does not; is not happy
  • Girl #1 & Girl #2 get into fight
  • Girl #1 runs over Girl #2 in a minivan… twice
  • Girl #1 leaves Girl #2 lying in the street in sub-freezing temperatures

See, didn’t I tell you? It’s a tale as old as time.

Ok, seriously, and all sarcasm aside… this is pretty damn scary to think that someone would go this length over something related to Facebook.

Of course when you consider that Girl #1 listed “getting drunk” as one of her favorite things to do on her own Facebook page… perhaps one should blame the person, not the platform.

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