Reddit is considered to be a social news site, similar to Digg, but it has become much more than that. The community is incredibly active and there is always new content being placed onto the site from its multitude of users. Reddit gets over one billion page views a month, which places it in an exclusive-class of websites that can make that claim.

Why is Reddit so popular? I definitely don’t think it has anything to do with the visual elements of the site. The site is very plain and is sort of difficult to navigate for a new user.

You can see that it is just a plain white background and the subject of each post shows up as blue text. This is the front page of Reddit and there are also over 60,000 subreddits that deal with more specific topics. Each post can be either “upvoted” or “downvoted” by users, which determines what shows up on the frontpage of Reddit. This helps to keep the website from being overrun with spam or meaningless content.

This is what I think keeps users coming back to Reddit. The content you see is almost guaranteed to be high quality. This is why it’s so easy to be doing one thing, then you make a quick visit to Reddit and the next thing you know you’ve wasted 3 hours looking at funny pictures of cats from your iPhone. The content is what drives users to the page and it shows how strong content can make even an “ugly” site popular. This should be proof to all the social media marketing experts that content is, and always will be, king. Not every post needs to be an eye-catching image if you are providing your users with content that matters.