Technology has changed marketing. Above Promotions Company. Digital Marketing and Public Relations. Tampa FL.
Technology has changed marketing. Above Promotions Company. Digital Marketing and Public Relations. Tampa FL.

The evolution of technology has definitely been an endless one. Over the years we have seen advancements in every industry imaginable due to the newest ideas, gadgets, apps, and the list goes on. The marketing industry has definitely benefited from the numerous technological advancements. With the new strides that social media applications have been taking, the marketing industry has been able take off in a new direction. Now more than ever we see successful brands and marketing professionals directing their attention and efforts towards popular social media websites as a way to directly reach the masses and control the messaging. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are only a few; the list is constantly growing with new platforms vying at a chance to get a piece of the advertising pie. Taking a closer look at popular media trends, we see how much of an impact they’ve made on brand recognition.

Here are three trends you cannot ignore if you want your brand to be successful thanks to technology.

  1. Vine and Instagram seemed to have knocked down the most doors when it comes to successful advertising attempts. The both of these methods have a very short, straight to the point method about them which makes it easier for viewers to get stuck into viewing hundreds of Vine videos and Instragram posts for hours at a time. Why wouldn’t marketers jump on this opportunity? While numerous brands have established themselves on Instagram already, only a few brands such as Trident, Samsung, Oreos, and Dunkin Donuts have been successful with creatively marketing themselves through the six-second Vine videos. Dunkin Donuts did a great job with their re-enactment of a NFL play, gaining lots of attention from viewers.
  2. dos equis above promotions company pr digital marketing tampa fl Memes have also had a creative impact on marketing strategies. Memes have sparked wildfires across social media outlets and have ultimately become a source of entertainment. Great memes are very quick to the point, humorous, and easily sharable. These each serve as a major plus in the mind of a marketer. A great example of a meme that took the internet by storm is Dos Equis with “the most interesting man in the world”. After the launching of their commercials and website many users took to re-creating the image of Jonathan Goldsmith with their own messages. This indeed helped the brand gain widespread recognition because regardless of the message, the man pictured was undoubtedly associated with Dos Equis.
  3. Live videos have been around for a while now thanks to YouTube, but users are now looking to YouTube for reasons other than entertainment. YouTube has now become a way for small business owners to market their products through live demonstrations. In return, users are conducting their own reviews of the products giving the brand more recognition and new consumers. Small business owners within the hair industry have greatly benefited from these simple to produce YouTube videos as many women continue to search for that perfect hair product.

These three trends have changed marketing strategies greatly. Businesses are constantly being challenged to attempt to keep up with the fast paced social media world that technology has brought about. Instagram/Vine videos, live videos, and memes are only a few of the major successes. Within the blink of an eye, more and more advancements are arising. As a business owner or brand manager, it is imperative that you remain up to date with the newest technological advancements to stay ahead of the game with all marketing efforts to keep your brand in peoples’ mouths. It is indeed a constant race we are running to stay on top of the game.

Have you started incorporating these tools into your campaigns? How effective have they been?

Let us know your thoughts. They may be used in a future article.

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