I remember writing about social media monitoring tools back in 2010, when businesses first started utilising the power of social media. Whilst some, even five years later are still important, there are a number of tools that are relatively new which are instrumental in monitoring your businesses social media activity.

1. Hootsuite

As you may know, if you read my blogs, I am a huge Hootsuite advocate. In my opinion, Hootsuite is the best social media dashboard, and have impressed me even further this year by adding a Instagram integration option.

2. Klout

Part of monitoring your social media, should be determining how trusting and influential you are within your community. Klout is the global leader in measuring online influence for individuals, and brands alike, and was acquired by Lithium Technologies in March 2014. Klout has more than 700 million social profiles on their network and more than 15 billion pieces of data are processed every day, when updating Klout scores.

3. Social Mention

If you are looking for real time searches across all social networks, Social Mention is a great tool to use. Use their search functionality to find any individual or business and see what the online world has to say.

4.Edgerank Checker

Specifically for Facebook, Edgerank Checker is a tool that analyses and scores your Facebook Page. Using this tool allows you to increase engagement and examine when fans are online to post at the right time. Free to use however if you want full functionality, you will have to pay a monthly fee on the pro plan.

5. Addict-o-Matic

Addict-o-Matic allows you to create a web page filled with content from search engines and social networks. It can be hard to manage your time when it comes to marketing so being able to gather all information in one central place will help save time.

6. SocialOomph

If you want to boost your social media activity across your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, this is a great tool to use. SocialOomph tracks keywords, mentions, retweets whilst also scheduling out social media posts. A good alternative to Hootsuite.

7. Sprout Social

Another tool that can help you monitor and manage your social media interactions is Sprout Social. This tool brings all of your messages from your social networks into one, single stream. In real time, you can see what people are saying about you are your business.

8. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great tool to use to keep an eye on what is being posted online, about your business. It may take a while for you to receive email updates around your keywords but it is a useful tool to keep in mind when you want to track your online reputation and competitors.

9. Trackur

Trackur monitors mainstream media and social media. It also tracks mentions in real time so that you can find out who is talking about you, and how influential they are online. Only use this tool if you have set aside a budget for social media monitoring as prices start at £45 per month.


SharedCount is a great tool to use if you want to track how many times one of your URL’s have been shared on social media. You can track URL shares, likes, tweets and more. Free plans are available, and premium plans start at £25 per month.

What are your favourite social media monitoring tools?