no social media

Is it just me or does it seem like social media is on its way out? Snapchat is still going strong with some adults and especially with teens, but what about Twitter or Facebook. Most of the information these days is misinformation and lots of noise.

For me, I’ve decided to take “social media” out of my vocabulary and focus on “people”.

This is where I am at. I think the presidential primary, protests, lock downs, shootings, sporting events and other instant news and fluff has reached an all-time new level on different social platforms. Everyone believes they have an opinion on something and they can make the news mostly by posting some negative half-truth, opinionated news information that will get someone mad enough to engage them.

Time to move on from “social media” and start reconnecting with people, real people!

This is where I am spending my time. Right now, I am back to Linkedin. Yes, some people are trying to post their extreme opinion on things, but the platform overall is made up of professionals. This is the difference for me. By focusing on great people, I can discover more about what great people are thinking and sharing and stop wasting time with reading news information that is half-baked.

Does social media work with respect to marketing a brand?

Well, but..

If Twitter were smart, it would promote its Tweetdeck platform. Tweetdeck allows marketers and executives a way to view specific activity, groups or topics on Twitter. It is quick, easy and free to use. I check it a few times a day with a purpose. I am not looking to engage people. I simply don’t have the time and I don’t see the benefits of engagement. I stay away from twitter chats and I post information with specific hashtags. If someone posts great information, I may follow them or retweet them. It really is that easy.

Linkedin is more about people than companies. I have a company page, but I think it is more critical to make sure people know the company I connected with from a person standpoint and less from a company standpoint. Linkedin has some great search utilities that allow people the ability to find the right people at a particular company or industry.

More people are turning to Facebook, but for me Facebook is for my close friends and family. Some people have two profiles on Facebook. I do not have time to maintain two separate profiles. Company Facebook pages have about the same effect as an advertisement online or in a magazine. Very limited audience. The only way to change this is pay for more exposure. It will bring traffic, but is it the right traffic. Will this traffic ultimately buy something from you?

Looking Forward – I will be focusing on building a better experience for myself and others.

I am focusing on connecting people who are life-long learners and who want to grow their companies. These type of people are out there and if you are fortunate to connect with them, you will start to move yourself and your company in a better direction.

Don’t burn bridges. Be careful what you post online. I have really cut back on the information I share online because I want to be more about quality and less about quantity. I tried going for the social reach…but I really did not see the value.

I connect with people and if that happens to be on a platform so be it. I think we took the concept of social media way too far. Would you really pay someone six figures to be social media platforms all day? Seriously? Ask them how many people they really know on social media.

The next horizon for me is building “real” relationships with real people. I might be in the minority, but in the end it is a much more sustainable approach with respect to the next technology that comes around.