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We live in a world where food, friends, and the occasional flirting is at our fingertips. We make snap decisions based on quick assessments and if it doesn’t work out, well, there are always more options loading in the queue. We aren’t suggesting you choose your social media agency like you choose your next Tinder conquest, but if we were – here’s when you should ‘swipe right’ on an agency.

They’re the perfect balance of creativity and analytics.

Life’s a balancing act. An agency should make you swoon when you see their latest creative projects. You should get weak in the knees when you hear their initial ideas for your brand. And then you should feel safe and secure when they offer data and analytics that back it all up.

They don’t agree with everything you say.

Everyone needs a little pushback in a relationship, otherwise how can you evolve together? If the agency you’re dallying with is just a ‘yes’ agency that never challenges you, it might not be fully invested in your success. Chances are – not everything you propose can be successful – and a good agency will know when to stop you from being your own worst enemy.

They don’t promise to build Rome in a day.

You don’t end a first date expecting the guy or girl to swoop in and fix everything that’s wrong in your life – and don’t expect your agency to do so either. Your revenue goals, content marketing, or reputation isn’t going to turn around overnight and any agency that promises you otherwise is just trying to get into your…wallet.

They do listen and offer goal-oriented results.

Does your agency hear you when you talk about your five-year plan and seems genuinely interested in building a future with you? Use your instincts. You know when you’re just being taken for a ride – and you do not want to be that girl, er, company because more than just a night of Rocky Road ice cream and sad movies is at stake here. The agency should listen, interpret, and then create a strategy that will lead to you two riding off into the triumphant sunset together.

They play nice with others.

Say it with us: If you wanna be my agency, you gotta get with my other agency friends. If they aren’t willing to meet and work with the other people in your life, you’re never going to be able to foster an environment of success for your brand! Social media, meet public relations. Now toast to mutually beneficial relationships and let’s get down to business.

Social Media Beast has been known to court clients with the best of ‘em. If you’re interested in a budding relationship with a social media agency – we don’t have a Tinder profile – but you can always expect a call if you contact us here.