Sweeten Up your Tweetin’

Twitter – the microblog that allows you to tweet a thought in 140 characters, just as quickly as it enters your head. According to this recent article on Mashable, with over a billion tweets a week, everybody’s doing it – from politicians to celebrities, athletes to journalists and that guy sitting next to you on the subway.

Are you satisfied with your Twitter experience? Could it be better? As with anything, there is always room for improvement, and this article on Mashable provides some helpful Twips:

  • Add Photos – Personalize your tweets by including photos with your next Tweet. If you’re at the Celtics game, show the world with a snapshot of the court.
  • Get on the Grid – By linking fourSquare whereabouts to your Twitter stream, you’ll increase your number of followers through real-life interaction. Who doesn’t want to follow the Mayor of Starbucks?
  • Engage and Interact – If you’re a small business owner, share your company story over Twitter. CEO and Founder of Red Mango, Dan Kim, does this extremely well as he constantly interacts with his fans, tweeting news, discounts and feature flavors.
  • Retweet – Not feeling inspired today? No problem. Seek to your followers and retweet their updates. Twitter will automatically give them credit for the tweet.

Have any of these Twips increased your followers?

Do you have others to share?