Summer-fun-water-skiing-250w-167h As I’m settling into my first summer in the waterfront community of Barrie, Ontario, I’m noticing that my new neighbours sure take their recreation seriously! I only hope it rubs off on me. As local translator and copywriter Ashleigh Grange linked to on Twitter last week, summer vacation eludes many of us entrepreneurs.

Here are five ways to make blogging easier this summer, so you can keep building your business relationships (and your mountain of content) while still enjoing a vacation or staycation:

  1. Batch your tasks to make the most out of your time – When you’re feeling creative and buzzing with ideas, draft two or three posts instead of just one.
  2. Get ahead of the game – Pre-schedule your blog posts and emails so they continue to be on a predictable schedule, even if you’re not.
  3. Write easier posts – Ease off the pressure to be a thought leader and write the posts that come naturally to you, whether those are top 10 lists, product reviews, frequently asked questions, or connective content.
  4. Catch the sparks – Whenever you head out into the world, you’re bound to feel revitalized by the new people, places and ideas you encounter. Keep a notebook or smartphone app handy (I’m experimenting with Evernote for iPhone and Dragon Dictation for iPhone) so you can build on your experiences and share them with your readers.
  5. Make creative connections – What does staying up on water skis have in common with whatever your readers are striving for? What can packing for a vacation teach your clients about the techniques they need in their toolkit? What business lessons can you adapt from a popular vacation spot with long lines of happy customers?

So enjoy your summer, take some time off, and most of all keep blogging!

P.S. If you want to make your blogging even easier, stay tuned for some new programs and resources I’ll be offering later this summer and into the fall.