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Ah, summer. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and people are taking breaks from school or work. But, you know what they’re not taking a break from? Social media! So, your business shouldn’t either.

To make it a little easier on you this summer, here are four social media post ideas to steal.

1. Hold a Summer Social Contest

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase engagement on social media this summer, why not let your fans and followers do the work for you? Contests are a great way to encourage engagement and boost your reach to potential new fans and followers. To hold a summer social contest, all you have to do is lay out the rules and moderate the submissions.

Here are some summer social media contest ideas:

  • Have clients post a picture to your Facebook page with your employees after a job well-done – this is a great option for service-area businesses. (Make sure your employees are okay with the plan, of course.) The winner has to have the most-liked picture on your Facebook page. Prizes could be a t-shirt with your business’s logo or a percentage off their next service.
  • Have people take a selfie with your storefront, or better yet – inside of your business – to post on your Facebook page. The person with the most likes gets a prize! This may encourage your current Facebook fans to share their post from your Facebook page so their friends and family members can like the post, which may increase your followers and your business’s online reach.
  • Have fans and followers post their favorite thing about your business. The person with the most-liked comment wins! This is great for building positive comments on your Facebook page and increasing engagement with your current fan base.

It doesn’t really matter what your contest is about – the goal is to get people excited and engaged. I once saw a law office hold a Post Your Pet contest – their practice had nothing to do with pets, but everybody loves to see cute animal pictures, so it was a hit!

Once you’ve chosen what type of contest to run, make sure you outline the rules and duration of the contest. Then, remember to promptly announce the winner and award them with their prize.

2. Post Summer Tips

Posting helpful tips related to your business is an easy way to consistently update your social media sites during the summer. And, summer tips are great for nearly any industry. Healthcare? Sun safety tips! Animal clinic? Tips for keeping your pets cool! Education? Tips for keeping your kids engaged over the summer! You can also sprinkle in some helpful community tips that may not be industry-related, like the best place to get shaved ice on a hot day or events coming up in your area. Short, helpful updates can keep your fanbase engaged without a lot of time spent on your end.

3. Be Visual with Fun Summer Images

Pictures are a great way to promote engagement on social media sites. Take some pictures around your town or share pictures from businesses in your area of fun events or local happenings. You can even profile your employees (with their permission)! Take a picture of an employee and have them list their favorite vacation spot, go-to ice cream flavor, and the summer movie they’re most excited to see. Sharing pictures is quick, easy, and a fun way to get people engaged.

4. Advertise Your Summer Specials

If you have any seasonal specials or sales, now is a great time to post about them on your social media pages (and run Facebook advertising for them). Let people know what’s going on in your business and give them a reason to call you this summer.

Keeping up with your social media pages this summer doesn’t have to take a lot of time out of your day-to-day – we know you want to relax, too! And, with social media scheduling tools or a digital marketing partner, you can even be out of the office and still stay social.