If you aren’t actively using Social Media to advertise and market, did you ever stop to think about how many customers your business is losing?

If you aren’t actively using the top Social Media sites you are probably losing quite a few potential customers every day, every week, every month, and every year.

Businesses without a strong Social presence are at risk of not only losing customers and future customers, but they could be harming future growth.

Social Matters

Social Media is an extension of your business. When you have an account that isn’t active your information doesn’t stay in front of people daily, while other businesses may be in front of them, who do you think they will think of first when they need to make a purchase?

Additionally, when your account shows your last update was a week or a month or even a year ago it makes your company look like it doesn’t care. Abandoned accounts are more harmful that not having an account at all.

Consumers are looking to Social Media to make purchasing decisions, both online and offline. They want to see what you have to say, they want to connect with you on Social. If you aren’t there they will find a company that is there.

No Longer Optional

Consumers demand that businesses have Social sites. 87% of people like brands on Facebook. 82% think Facebook is a great place to interact with brands and many people think a business’ Facebook Page is more useful than their website.

Social Media now directs more traffic to websites than the search engines do, optimize your website for Google all you want, but know that more people find you through Facebook or Twitter than they do through a Google search.

Not Just Quality – Quantity Counts Too

To be effective, Social updates need to be interesting and relevant to your audience. It is important to post great images, useful links, informative videos and, of course, your products and services should be showcased. Think of all the “junk” in your News Feed on Facebook or Twitter, you need to create updates that shine and stand out from the rubbish.

Additionally, you need to be posting these updates consistently, several times a day, every day. As I mentioned before, abandoned Social Accounts hurt your reputation. They make your company look bad. If you can’t keep up with simple Social updates how can you keep up with customer service issues or orders? Sounds silly, but it’s true.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Social Media is a fast-paced world. It is also crowded. If you aren’t using Social to market, you can bet your competitors are using it. Which means your current customers are getting information from your competitors. Are you secure enough in their loyalty to not be swayed by a better offer from your competition?

Your potential customers, the consumers who will help grow your company and keep you in business are seeing your competitors on Social Media. You are losing customers.

It’s time to get in the game and use Social Media to your advantage (and your competitors’ disadvantage!)