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According to a recent survey, social media active brands are developing a very bad reputation for their non-existent customer service.

But what is the state of social media customer service experience exactly?

Here’s a summary of the study Locowise did on customer support on Facebook:

  • Locowise looked at more than 900 Facebook pages with almost 300 million page likes in total in the month of May.
  • 51% of pages have enabled the ability for people to publish posts on their page timelines.
  • 67% of pages got less than 10 posts each during the month. 29% of pages got between 10 and 99 posts during the month while only 4% of pages received 100 or more posts.
  • There was only 1 post on average per 22,500 page likes that the page has.
  • 65% of pages that enabled the publishing ability didn’t respond to any of the posts. Not a single response to almost 4,000 posts.
  • 87% of all posts across the board went unanswered.
  • Active pages replied to 37% of all posts.
  • 10.5% of pages that actively replied did respond to all the posts on their timelines but they all had 3 or less posts in total during the month.
  • 33% of the people got the response within 60 minutes of posting.
So what can brands learn from these numbers?
  • If you don’t plan to take the time to review and respond to the posts on your page, do disable the option for people to post on your timeline. Focus on other things instead.
  • You don’t necessarily need to go the extra mile when responding to queries. You could simply thank the customer for the feedback or point the customer to the FAQ section of your official site.
  • Think how you can integrate your customer support team into your social media workflow. Should they get access to your page? Should you just notify them when there’s something new to respond to?
  • What response rate should you look to achieve? Ideally you should acknowledge every post that you get but you should at the very least respond to any posts that raise concerns or complain about your product or service.

How does the customer service that your brand provides compare to these numbers?

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