Spring is finally here; It’s a time to refresh: getting rid of the old, cleaning up often-forgotten places, and spitting things up to “look good.” Don’t you think those are some great concepts that can apply to your online marketing and social media strategies? It’s the right time to clean up your social media strategy. But you won’t need a mop or rubber gloves so that you can achieve most of our tips in just a few short hours.

Here are some helpful spring cleaning tips:

Check on “Sleeping” Accounts:

Did you sign up on a social media platform, but then use it for a week? Sleeping accounts can look worse than none at all; either use the account correctly – and regularly – or get rid of it.

Run an audit of all of your social media properties and evaluate what is essential and what isn’t.

Modern Graphics:

When did you last edit your cover images, profile pictures, background graphics, etc.? If they’re out of date (or out of season), be sure to refresh them.

By updating the graphics on your social media accounts, you are breathing new life into the platform. Users get tired of seeing the same boring graphics repeatedly; attract them to your account with something eyecatching.

Update Passwords & Employee Access:

Changing your passwords after your employee leaves is a must. Access to accounts and permissions must also be updated when employees leave the company, and it requires a thorough check of all authorities on all social media platforms.

Savvy pros recommend that you update all your passwords every few months. It is especially important when workers come and go so that you can track who has access to these accounts. A password manager will help you remain at the top of your password list and streamline the process of changing several accounts. LastPass is a popular password manager recommended by social media managers.

Regardless of whether you are using a password manager or not, remember to build robust passwords and make your accounts hack-proof.

Passwords should be:

  • Minimum of 12 characters
  • Combination of numbers, symbols, caps, and lowercase

Time for a New ‘Description‘:

What was the last time you reviewed the “About Us” section on your social media?

Chances are, the description is still the same as the day you signed up for the account. Has the material needed to be included changed?

Now is a good time for double-checking, and if necessary, correcting.

Make sure your profiles list the company’s most current details, including the website, staff, recent ventures, press, and awards. Should not be afraid to announce them by linking to any favorable press releases, prizes, books, or accolades.

Check on Old Accounts Discover New Platforms:

Some social media platforms have recently changed their look and layouts. (Have you added a LinkedIn cover photo yet? Don’t upgrade until you have an optimized image ready.) Stay on the lookout for new social networking platforms that may be useful for your business, such as Byte.

Remember: you don’t need to be on every social network out there, especially if you don’t have the time to invest in using them correctly. It’s always better to market on one platform than on five poorly.

You can also add some shiny new buttons to your social media accounts on your website. Showing your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest buttons are a simple ways to increase your following.

Yearly Review Set New Goals:

Take a look at your social media’s performance over the last year.

Which networks have driven the most traffic and conversions? Which ones are underperforming?

Sit down with your analyzes and isolation areas that need improvement and set new targets for the rest of the year. Pay particular attention to the type, voice, and frequency of content.

Brainstorm new types of content that you haven’t tried in the past as a way to engage more and reach new users through your social channels. When you experiment with different types of content, you keep things interesting — both for you and your audience.

With these recommendations, giving your social media strategy a spring cleaning can help you gain new followers and boost engagement.