Spring cleaning is something that normally refers to your house, but this spring you should be looking into how you are going to clean up your social media accounts instead. Most of the process of monitoring your online reputation is about tracking what you post on social media.

It also applies to the people you are connecting with. If you want to gain the trust of prospects, and keep the general public coming back for more, you should regularly clean up your social media accounts. And this is how to go about doing it.

Disconnect from the Time Wasters

The fact is 90% of businesses are using social media. But building up a giant following on Twitter and LinkedIn is largely a waste of your time. It serves no real purpose because it doesn’t actually lead to any money for your company. If you are connecting with someone who isn’t providing you with value in some way, they are wasting your time and you are wasting their time.

Go through your list of connections regularly and evaluate each relationship. Are the negotiations going nowhere? Do you even speak to them any longer? Are they relevant to your company?

Follow the Right People

On the plus side, you need to be following the right people. These are the individuals whom provide value to your business. They don’t necessarily have to be potential customers. You may be following an account that touts stats related to your industry niche. Sometimes you could be connecting with someone purely because you are using their accounts to curate content.

This is not a hobby this is a business. Remove the clutter by removing anyone who is posting things that have no relevance to you.

Examine Why You Are Online

Sometimes you have to think about why you are online in the first place. It’s easy to lose track of what your goals are and what the point of your time on social media is. If you have lost sight of your goals and you are no longer quite sure what you are doing, you are essentially wasting your time.

As part of your spring cleaning, refer back to the goal of social media and think about whether you are meeting that goal. You may be adding philanthropy to your marketing mix, or you may be actively sourcing B2B prospects. Whatever it is, make sure you haven’t gone away from your original plans, and if you have think about why this is.

How You Are Going to Get There

You can have amazing goals, lots of ambition, and a few relevant people engaging with your social media account, but none of this matters if you have no plan for how to get there. You should have a step-by-step plan for how to get to your overall goal.

There should be various objectives and milestones you are passing along the way, so you are able to measure accurately whether you are being successful or not.

Many companies start out with good plans, but as their circumstances change they fail to update their plans. Your overall strategy has to reflect what’s going on with your business and on social media right now. Review your plan and make any necessary changes.

Be Honest

If your online business is faltering, the chances are it has something to do with social media. The hardest thing for an owner of any business is to be honest about why their company is failing and why they have failed to turn it around. As part of your spring cleaning on social media, spend some time reflecting on the mistakes you have made and where you can improve.

Put things in perspective. It’s true that while social media is important it’s not the be all and end all of everything. There are many businesses and many people with zero presence on social media at all. And they have still managed to flourish.

Going through this process can ram through some hard truths and lead you on a better path that will eventually translate to success.

Conclusion – Making Social Media Work for Business

Social media is the most powerful tool businesses have because it gives them an enormous reach. But it has to be used correctly, if you want to get the most out of it. There are many guides online that you can use in order to get a lot out of social media.

What will you do this spring for your social media accounts?