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Oh, the holidays! Jingles, festivities, gift-giving, and….social media surfing. Yes, you heard it right. Social media buzz continues, if not increases, during the holidays. Consumers may be spending time on last-minute holiday party touches and finishing off gift-wrapping marathons, but what happens in between all this holiday activity? Newsfeed scrolling galore.

Eyeballs are eagerly consuming social media during those awkward family parties or while sitting next to the fire sipping eggnog. For that reason, you’ll want to hold off pausing your social media strategy during this time of the year and instead, keep the posts rolling for maximum engagement. And since most brick and mortar businesses take a holiday break, customers will turn to social timely responses.

Keep in mind these key social media marketing factors when maintaining business communications during the holiday season:

Brand personality:

Your brand’s personality and voice should remain consistent, even during the holidays but that doesn’t mean your business can’t make festive tweaks. Company party? Show off some holiday prep photos or post a short behind-the-scenes video of employee celebrations and gift exchanges. If you get help with your social media, make sure your team has a grasp of your brand’s persona. This will help when dealing with difficult customer interactions.

Important information:

Post information that is relevant to your customers such as, holiday hours, giveaways, discounts, and events. It’s most likely your audience will visit your social media pages for quick access to information, especially for industries such as restaurant, retail, and e-commerce, so make sure all those details are up-to-date.

Engagement posts:

Entertain your audience with unique holiday posts. Create a holiday hashtag related to your area of businesses and encourage customers to converse with you about their holiday traditions. Pictures and videos are a great way to grab attention and easy to re-post. And the gift-giving season wouldn’t be complete without a giveaway, so post an original contest that showcases your best products, as well as thanks to your fans.

Timely responses:

Quick, accurate responses will put you at the forefront of social media. If your customers fail to reach you through your website, chances are social media will be their next stop. You don’t want to waste your customers’ valuable time, so answer their inquiries as soon as possible. The same goes for comments received on posts, reviews, wall posts, etc.; make sure to respond and spread the holiday cheer!