social networkingSocial networking has become the number one online activity in the United States. People in the United States are using the internet for many activities including listening to the radio, watching online videos, playing games and corresponding by email. The number one activity Americans spend their time on is social networking.

What are some ways social networking is used?

Social networking is the most popular because there are so many ways to use it. Social networking combines everything we are looking for in our online activity and gives it to us in one place. Some of the way we use social networking are:

  • Entertainment – Many people use social networking for entertainment. Games, videos and interaction can all be found.
  • Sharing Information – Social networking is increasingly becoming the go to place for information. Social networks allow you to ask questions, get opinions and share information and tips.
  • Social Interaction – The great thing about social networking is it is social. Users can meet and mingle with others from anywhere we have an internet connection.

What are the benefits to social networking?

Social networking has become the number one activity in the United States due to the value users receive. Users are finding that social networking fills a wide variety of needs. Some of the benefits to social networking are:

  • Finding Answers – If you have a question, the answer can be found on social networks. Users can ask questions, get opinions and find tips.
  • Expressing Opinions – Many people use social networking to vent or express their opinion. It is a way to be heard.
  • Stress Relief – Social networking is a stress reliever for many. From entertainment like games to sharing jokes and fun with friends, social websites provide needed stress relief for many Americans.

How can you use social networking safely?

With social networking being the number one online activity for those in the United States, you might be concerned about safety. Sharing information online is convenient, but you must take steps to do it safely. Some of the ways to use social networking safely are:

  • Secure your settings – Take some time to familiarize yourself with the safety settings of different websites. Be sure you understand what is public and private.
  • Think before you post – Before you make a post, think about the effect it will have. Could it be seen as offensive or der0gatory? Does it show you in the best light? Does your post give away too much personal information? Thinking before you post is the best way to use social networking safely.
  • Create separate email accounts – By creating a separate email account for your social networking activity you are able to keep your social networking identity separate and weed out any spam. A separate email account allows you to detect messages from those who are not in your social networking circles easily.

As social networking continues to rise in popularity it is imperative to think about your activity and how you are using social networking websites. The benefits of using social networking sites are many, but be sure to be safe by protecting your identity and security while online.