Last week, we asked our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ followers to peer deep into the future and give us their best guess: which social network they think will exist in 50 years, and why?

There were tons of great answers, sharing opinions and insights into the potential future. Many of you had similar opinions but there was some debate as well. There was a lot faith in the longevity of both Twitter and Facebook, but the surprise front-runner wasn’t among the big four: none of the above.

Here were your top three opinions about where the future of social media is heading:


If you ask our followers, Twitter’s future looks bright, at least partially owing to its value as a business tool. This social network offers lots of opportunities for marketers to reach out to consumers. Here they are able to show off their personalities and have fun with their 140-characters, which is a craft itself. As Twitter continues to add new features like their newest partnership with Amazon, the 255 million account user base will most likely continue to grow. While I’m no fortune teller, I bet it wouldn’t hurt to start practicing crafting Twitter Lists and sassy Tweets, now.


Facebook’s future could definitely be interesting. The fragmentation of the Facebook mobile experience into apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp, both with millions of users worldwide, has given the network an opportunity for even greater reach and growth. Many of their users are very loyal and use Facebook almost as a digital diary, sharing their day-to-day problems or inspirations and connecting with people everywhere.

On the other hand, Facebook has transitioned away from allowing brands to reach users organically and now practically requires brands to buy ads. It is very difficult to stand out as a business or brand when there is no emotional connection with user. Those using social media as a way to market their organization will have to get creative in their efforts.

None of the above:

The majority of people felt like technology is evolving so quickly that we can’t even begin to imagine what it will be like in the year 2064. Some of you think that there will be some kind of “super social network” which will be offer businesses and brands the opportunity to communicate with consumers on a new level. Interaction and engagement will be massively important to any kind of strategy.

Could it be a more visual-based future, where video rules and text based content is old news? The way smart phone technology is moving, it’s possible that in 50 years we will be strictly doing social through mobile based apps.

Which social network do you think will be around in the year 2064? Do you have an idea for a brand new network that will rule the social realm in 50 years? Let us know in the comments below!