social media shopping

Consumers are easily influenced by the world around them, as is clearly seen through their shopping habits. From product research to brand loyalty, consumers turn to social media now more than ever. A large group of these consumers, moms, are at the top of this list. Whether she’s reading her “mom-fluencer” friend’s latest Facebook update or dreaming up her next purchase via Pinterest, moms’ purchasing decisions are impacted by social media.

Moms are 20% more likely to use social media than the average person. They check Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter almost daily, and trust the opinion of peers when making a purchase decision. Facebook and Twitter users are more likely to make social media-related purchases of products they are already considering, with 1 in 3 Facebook users purchasing after sharing, liking, or commenting about a product or item on Facebook. Social media clearly influences shopping habits, and correctly targeting moms over social media can greatly boost your traffic and sales.

Here are 3 key ways social media affects shopping habits, especially those of moms:

  1. It unites: The use of social media has become a tool to bring people together in a virtual world. According to Market Research World, 10% of U.S. social media users trust what strangers say, while 37% trust their friends and family. This has majorly changed moms’ shopping habits; she now has a network of peers. friends, and family to constantly help her with her shopping decisions. Friends and family especially influence moms’ purchasing decisions when it’s a first time purchase or an expensive item. Consumers never have to make a purchase decision alone again, and this brings people together all over the world. With word-of-mouth being responsible for up to 50% of all purchasing decisions, it’s a cue to marketers to take social media seriously, because what consumers say really does matter.
  2. It’s trusted: Social media platforms may not be the most reliable source for hard-hitting information, but online shoppers may beg to differ. According to Tmbr, 51% of online shoppers consider social media sites a credible resource for researching services and products. Facebook is the most trusted social media platform for product reviews, while Twitter is the number one channel for influencing electronic purchases. Moms enjoy being active and engaged on social media –  reading reviews that involve personal stories and product benefits. Moms are also 45% more likely than other women to admit to making a purchase based on a recommendation seen through social media. Moms trust the brand and their friends to give honest information in all outlets all the time, and therefore don’t think twice about buying via of social media.
  3. It initiates:Moms may not know they need certain products, and while casually surfing social media, may end up being led to a purchase. 47% of social purchases are made because the user stumbled upon it. Pinterest is the network most likely to drive spontaneous purchasing, while 58% Facebook users expect offers and promotion when they “like” a company’s Facebook page. These discounts and other offers can lead to impulse purchasing, along with friend recommendations and Facebook “likes” and Twitter retweets. Seeing a product for the first time on social media may lead to further research of the product, especially if a friend has recommended it.

Social media is changing the way people shop. Brands now have the power to reach their audience constantly, which allows them to connect with their customers in a new way. Moms especially use social media when making purchase decisions, as they now have a new network they trust and receive ideas from.