Do you ever wonder if you are spending too much time promoting your business on the wrong social media sites, sites where you target market may not be? As easy way to find out which social media sites your potential customers are on, is to look at the following of some of the big players who target the same people you do, and where they seem to be having the most success.

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Is YouTube The Best Social Site For Your Business?

For example, Bethany Mota is a 19-year YouTube sensation who posts beauty tutorials. Her following on YouTube is over 8.5 million. That is the social media site she is clearly dominating. However, she is also on Instagram (4.5 million followers), Twitter (2.4 million followers), and Facebook (1.6 million followers) and with pretty strong numbers. The unusual number is her Pinterest account, which has only 77,800 followers. Does this mean that her young audience in not on Pinterest as much as the other social media sites? Makes sense to me. Pinterest is considered to have a large female audience, but older than the 15 – 24 market Bethany targets. So if you are selling to this demographic, it seems that you might want to follow Bethany’s lead and focus your efforts on YouTube and Instagram.

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Is Pinterest The Best Social Site For Your Business?

Style Me Pretty is one of the most popular wedding blogs. If you look at their social media following you will see that they have a following on Pinterest of 5.7 million, a Facebook following of 1.1 million, an Instagram following of 303,000 and a Twitter following of 149,000. So are these numbers telling us that brides prefer Pinterest for wedding content over Twitter? It has been a long known fact that Pinterest is the leading social site for wedding content, so this kind of helps to prove that.

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Is Twitter The Best Social Site For Your Business?

If you look at the news organization the Huffington Post, they have 5.6 million followers on Twitter, 4.8 million on Facebook, 302,000 followers on Instagram, 82,900 on Pinterest and 37,000 on YouTube. Now you may think that their Twitter and Facebook numbers are close, but you also have to consider the fact that Facebook has 4 times the monthly active users that Twitter does (Facebook has 1.4 billion users to Twitter’s 288 million), so Twitter is clearly the winner here in terms of how people prefer to get their news updates from the Huffington Post.

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Obviously there are other factors affecting their follower numbers. Maybe it is how long the company has been on a particular social media site or how effectively they are using it. Oreo, for example, kills it on Facebook with its fun, whimsical posts to a following of 39 million. However, the numbers (while still good) greatly drop off for Twitter (611,000), Instagram (350,000), and Pinterest (9,000).