Hi it’s Adam Franklin and welcome to the 5th episode of Social Media TV. At the moment we are at the Hotel Lincoln in Chicago & our US tour is coming to an end.

Now I’d like to reflect on three of the things in social media this week.

Facebook IPO

The first is obviously the Facebook IPO and the fact that on the second day of trading it seems to be down about 20%, so the market is saying it’s lost I think $19 billion. It’ll be interesting to see how the Facebook scenario unfolds.

Google, Twitter, Zappos, Hubspot & 37signals offices

Secondly we’ve been lucky enough to check out some of the high-tech offices in America. We’ve seen Google, Twitter, Zappos, Hubspot and 37signals and what struck me at all those companies is the really strong sense of culture. No two cultures were the same -but they all very much had their own distinctive flavour.

And the people and the staff at these organisations – you could really see and feel the really strong culture. So that was really interesting and something that I think we will enhance at Bluewire Media when we return to Australia.

Chris Brogan’s 100,000th tweet and twitter fast

And thirdly, I am very interested to notice that Chris Brogan has just done his 100,000th tweet and he’s actually taken a 30 day fast to see how life is different without Twitter. It’s actually said on his email newsletter that he’s actually started a new one from scratch to see what it’s like starting a twitter account.

He’s also actually closed down his LinkedIn account because he says its got too much and he couldn’t connect with people like he wanted to. So it will be interesting to hear what we can learn from Chris’s experiences and see how it related to what we do.

So that’s a wrap for Social Media TV for this week. If you’ve got a boss, marketing manager or friend you’d like to share it with, please do so. I’m @Franklin_Adam on Twitter and see you back in Australia.