To be successful in social media for tourism, you have to be where your audience is, which is why Facebook plays such an integral role in Contiki’s social media strategy. Take a deeper look into how a Tourism brand can take advantage of Facebook with this inside look into Contiki Holidays’ Facebook strategy.

“You have to be where your audience is,” says William Weeks, Global Social Media & Content Manager at Contiki Holidays, “and our audience of 18-35 year olds are on Facebook.”

Facebook is great for community engagement and customer service

Facebook is Contiki Holidays’ key arena to communicate to tourists, potential customers, and those currently on a tour. Their Facebook page wall is open to posts and comments from anyone on a Contiki Holiday or wanting to learn more about Contiki Holidays. They provide 24/7 customer service on their Facebook page, so if anyone has posted anything on their wall, it won’t be missed.

social media for tourism contiki holidays facebook strategy

Inspirational and lifestyle content resonates best with their Facebook audience

With an audience of 18-35 year olds and a tourism brand, what better way to communicate to your audience than through lifestyle and inspirational content. Contiki found this to be very true, using inspirational content aligned with travel quotes to inspire new and returning customers. They launched a social media campaign called #NOREGRETS, around the concept of “You only have one shot, so make it count.” This campaign was created to inspire followers to think outside of their normal expectations when it comes to travel. Their lifestyle content revolves more around living in the moment, being young, and being able to travel. They have a day called Music Mondays where they share music from their soundcloud channel and every week they add new photos to their “Best of Contiki” album from customers who tag their images using the hashtag #contiki.

Social media for tourism contiki holidays facebook strategy

Use “Like-Gating” if your goal is to increase your Facebook fan base

Last year, Contiki launched a contest called, “How far would you go?” The campaign’s goal was to acquire new customers and to increase their Facebook fan base. The contest required people to share their post on Facebook in order to participate. This “like-gating” action allowed them to reach people outside of their community and grew their fan base by 25,000 fans. The campaign not only pushed people to conquer their fears, but it allowed Contiki to successfully conquer their campaign goals.

Schedule frequent posts in advance

With their content calendar being packed with new content each day, Contiki’s social media team uses Hootsuite’s scheduling feature to make sure that content that are more frequent are scheduled in advance. This allows them to respond and engage in real-time and focus on the chatter online.

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