4 Useful Tools for Social Media ManagersIn today’s world, social media platforms make up some of the most frequently used web applications in existence.

People of all ages are constantly tweeting, posting, and pinning their latest ideas and personal updates. While most use social media to maintain personal connections, social platforms have also risen as valuable business and promotional tools.

For businesses who wish to get more out of social media than causal social interactions, a host of tools and applications have been developed to enhance its effectiveness.

Known as social media tools, these web applications aid individuals and businesses in their quests to harness the potential of social media.

Whether you wish to monitor engagement, broaden your social media presence, or strategically plan your future posts, there is a social media tool that can suit your needs.

Below is a list of four of the top social tools that are available to help develop your social media strategy.


For the Twitter enthusiast, Tweroid is a tool that can be extremely helpful and intriguing. When linked to your Twitter account, Tweroid provides statistics for the audience that exists for your Tweets.

One set of statistics reveals the specific times per day of the week that your Tweets receive the most exposure. The other set of stats displays the times when you have the largest number of followers accessing Twitter.

You can use the statistics that Tweroid provides to strategically decide when you should Tweet.

The service comes free of charge when you access the Tweroid site and link it to your Twitter account.

Whether you use Twitter for business purposes or simply run your own personal account, Tweroid can help you reach a larger portion of your audience.

Nearby Tweets

Nearby Tweets is a free web tool which locates content that has been tweeted from your location. When you first visit the site, you’re prompted to allow the tool to use your current location.

Once you have granted access, Nearby Tweets generates a list of Tweets that were recently published from your geographic location. Users also have the option to search for particular keywords within the Tweets from their location.

This tool can be invaluable for discovering viral conversations within your local online community.

The keyword function further enhances its usefulness, as you can see what local people are saying about current news, events and other topics of interest. For instance, if you were interested in learning the local community’s opinion of a new SEO company, searching this keyword would reveal Twitter feedback matching your search.

If you’re a business owner or someone looking to better engage their community, Nearby Tweets is a tool that can help you reach your target.


SocialOomph is a multi-platform tool aimed to help increase your social media productivity. It features both free and paid features that are compatible with platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and various blogging sites.

The site’s free features are mainly compatible with Twitter, as users can schedule future Tweets, track keywords, and use an automated DM inbox clean up feature to help with spam control.

SocialOomph’s paid service also offers scheduled sharing across all platforms, blog publishing, and management, as well as an option to update your accounts via email. This tool also makes it possible to schedule recurring shares or updates for important news and promotions.

With the email update feature and auto-follow capabilities, SocialOomph presents itself as a self-sufficient tool for managing your social media campaigns.


Tweepi is another Twitter-specific that is geared towards regulating your followers. One of the service’s calling cards is the capability to weed out users that have given you the dreaded “unfollow.”

Also, Tweepi can help you pinpoint inactive users and unfollow them at your discretion.

Tweepi is available in a premium service that includes advanced features such as the option to force other users to unfollow you. Another useful premium tool allows you to discover followers that you may have overlooked and forgotten to follow in the past.

In general, Tweepi is an excellent means for organizing and editing your connections on Twitter.

What Tools Can’t You Live Without?

There are tons and tons of social media tools out there and new tools constantly being introduced. What tools do you frequently use to help with your social media marketing?