socialmediaSocial media is a powerful way to reach your consumers and increase your visibility, as long as you stay consistent with your messaging. Based on what has worked for us at Pipeliner Sales, I put together some tips for how to take advantage of social media to grow your business.

1.)  Build Relationships.  Interact with major players in your industry on social media to get a conversation started, which could lead to potential partnerships. Even a simple retweet lets someone know that you are paying attention. Tweet chats can be another way to meet countless new contacts within a given field and to make yourself known within a conversation that is relevant.

2.)  Be Useful. Take advantage of social media to provide helpful advice to other businesses, whether they are using your product or not. This will keep audiences coming back for more because they view you as a source for advice to grow their own businesses. We use social media to share our advice-filled blog posts, and even free E-books.

3.)  Get Visual. Capture audiences attention with visual content, like photos with quotes that are relevant to your industry. Photo posts are proven to have high reach and engagement, so try to branch out from just posting statuses or tweets.

4.)  Think outside the box.  People are more likely to share something that is original and catches their attention. For Businesses, this can be a challenge. This year at Pipeliner, we partnered with Animax to create an animated YouTube show that brings our industry–sales–to life.

 5.) Create a Virtual Community, Then Connect in Person. Your Facebook fans and your followers on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine are more than just a bunch of usernames; they are a group of like-minded people who support what you do. While it is important to continue to grow your virtual community, make sure to set up events where these supporters can actually meet you and each other in person. Whether you bring your product to festivals, speak at important events in your industry, or set up meetings or conferences, nothing can replace the impact of meeting face to face.