Two of the biggest media companies, Facebook and CNN, have recently formed a partnership to focus on the 2012 presidential election. The two media giants created an election tool that you can reach at

This Election Insights center shows you how many people are talking about each of the presidential and vice presidential candidates. To view these stats further, you can break down the numbers by state, gender, age and time frame.

The website also offers many different visuals to plainly show the numbers. The easiest chart to understand is the map of the U.S. that colors each state either red or blue depending on which candidate is talked about most in each state.

I would bet that during any other week the numbers would be fairly even but because the RNC is happening right now there are only six blue states. To go along with the map, there are a few different charts to illustrate the conversation breakdown by gender and age. The communication feature is also there where users can make comments and have conversations on the election hub itself.

The RNC has also taken advantage of social media this week, not surprisingly with Twitter in the forefront. Under the hashtag #GOP2012, the social networking site is gathering photos and conversations about the convention in order to measure the candidates’ social impact.

Google is another major player at the RNC, where they are advertising their social network, Google+. They are representing themselves as a nonpartisan figure at the convention and are planning on being at the DNC next week.

Google has major swag at the RNC with their area set up with huge comfy chairs, free WiFi, and space to charge your electronics. They are promoting Google+ by having knowledgeable people from news outlets like The New York Times and NBC on the social media site to chat with viewers.

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