Social media offers us a way of communication, the easiest way of connection, but what is it doing to our personal relations?

It is very convenient to find a friend, talk to someone over social media networks. It is very simple to connect to family members through talking online. But it is never satisfying to talk to a machine if you are longing for someone you care for.

A 24 hour conversation on Skype, or an endless thread of posts on Facebook cannot be compared to a single tap on your back from a friend when you are sad or down. A million tweets or followers cannot replace a hug from a loved one or a friend.

Because social media is giving us a very convenient (and a lazier) way to communicate to others we choose it to be our connection instead of going out with friends or meeting people outside. It takes a way the physical connection, the personal experience.

There is nothing wrong in using social media to gain friends, to keep up with friends and family members away from you, in fact it is good, the only thing that makes it look bad is the much use of it, and the fact that it is replacing the personal meetings and connections.

Too much of everything is always, TOO MUCH.