ask questions on social mediaAsking questions…

That’s the key to engagement for social media success.

You get “engagement” responses/replies from asking of questions. You comment/reply as well. Simple right? Well, it really is. :)

You could ask a question in the form of a poll on your website or Facebook page. You can just a question via a tweet, an update on Facebook, or Google+.

What kind of questions do you ask?

Well, it could be a question about anything honestly. From the hottest trend on the hashtags, to local news, or just something random. Questions don’t always have to relate to your business. Don’t forget that.

So many businesses and people think that it should be a question about their business, their products or something along those lines.

But really, your questions are a conversation starter. Start thinking about your updates, tweets, etc., as a social party, as a networking event.

When you’re out at one of those kind of events, you don’t just talk about your business and ask questions. You just get to know them.

So think about how you engage anyone in a conversation at a networking event or party, a cocktail party where you’re just simply getting to know people and building friendships.

Those type of questions open up the chance to get to know them. To establish a connection with someone. You can throw in some type of business related question every 5 or 6 questions.

But the point of asking questions is to get people talking/replying to you.

Got a question?