12 22 blog

12 22 blog

Event planning in and of itself is an art form. Weddings, conferences, parties – they all could benefit from a social media push. Whether you’re trying to garner awareness for the event, sell tickets, or crowdsourced content, there’s a way to accomplish your goals via social with just a few easy dos and don’ts.

Do Plan Ahead

The most successful event strategy is the one that was planned out months in advance. Not only is last-minute social stressful, it’s not as effective. Think of all the social media messaging you see each day. It’s a crowded space where everyone is trying to promote the next bar crawl, movie premiere, club party, etc. Your messaging is bound to get lost. BUT – if you take the time to post 6-8 weeks in advance, your messaging will have time to hit the right audience multiple times thereby increasing engagement and attendance.

Don’t Let Your Event Page Die

You created the event, used an invite list, and created cool event-specific graphics – don’t think it stops there. In the time between ticket launch and the actual event, you don’t want your momentum to sputter out. Make sure you’re consistently posting, sending out e-blasts, encouraging usage of your event hashtag so that you’re not forgotten.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Hashtag

We’ve watched clients agonize over an event hashtag when it really should just be a simple, memorable concept. If it’s a yearly event, consider excluding the year so you don’t have to re-familiarize your audience to it each year. If it isn’t – just go with what you think looks or sounds best. Don’t make it too long or too complex because then people will either misspell or forget it. Also, try to make it unique to your brand. You don’t want something like #NYEBash to be cluttered with posts from all around the world. Instead, make it specific to your location, venue, theme, etc. to make sure you’re crowdsourcing relevant content to YOUR event.

Do Organize a Ticket Giveaway

Nothing motivates the masses like free stuff. By organizing ticket giveaways leading up to the event, you maintain the event’s momentum. When you create the giveaway, make sure your audience has to do something that will enhance your event. That could be by retweeting your messaging, posting pictures from past events, using your event hashtag – think hard about your goals and then make sure the giveaway or contest supports them.

Don’t Only Push Ticket Sales

You want to sell tickets. We get it. Your audience gets it. But if that is the only focus of your event posting, your event will get a poor response on social. Remember the 80/20 rule, people.

We aren’t saying to not make your ticket link available. Make sure it’s everywhere. In your social channel bios, placed prominently on your call to action buttons, or readily at hand when someone asks for it. We ARE saying that if you constantly ask people to buy tickets without properly communicating the essence of the event, your engagement will drop and people will hate you.

Do Use Advertising

We want your event to go viral. We do. And we will try our hardest to make that happen…but the cold, harsh reality is: you need to spend money if you want your audience to see your social efforts. Make a budget, then double it. THAT’S what you should be spending on your event campaign. You may have to promote your ticket giveaway, your hashtag, important event info, ticket sales, and much more – the dollar goes far on social but only when you properly strategize how to spend it.

Don’t Forget About Live Coverage

Don’t get so wrapped up in the pre-event planning that you forget to plan your live social during the event! Make sure a team is available to answer questions, post pictures and videos, and handle any crisis management, should the need arise. You can’t expect your guests to post on social if you aren’t, too!

And last, but not least…

Do Have Fun

You want people to enjoy posting and promoting your event – so don’t forget to make it entertaining! Take a risk and be bold, your audience will appreciate it and your excitement for the event will shine through your posts.

If the idea of planning a social strategy for an event has your social stomach doing twists, talk to the Beasts. We plan events in our sleep. Just kidding, we don’t sleep.