Gone are the days when the only thing New Year’s Eve brought to Facebook was a ton of drunken photos and an absolutely huge number of ‘Happy New Year’ wishes for the people avoiding the ‘text-message traffic’ that commonly occurs at midnight on 31st December.

Instead, social media is an integral part of business marketing and will be creating an absolute storm in 2016.

So, this New Year brings with it, even more opportunity to explore the ways in which social media marketing can expand your business and aid its success. And the best way to make the most of your social media platforms? Plan ahead for 2016!

Check out this incredibly useful, and practical, social media marketing planner for 2016:

January: The Month of Review and Customer Feedback

Start the New Year as you wish to go on…pleasing your customers! You’ve may have found that December was a particularly popular consumer month (due to purchases made for Christmas) , and left you selling out of your products, extremely busy and, perhaps, a little bit stressed and pushed for time.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you weren’t! But, whatever the outcome for your business at the end of the year, January is undoubtedly the time to ask for some consumer reviews and feedback from the sales you have made in 2015.

Positive reviews work well for promoting your product and service, while you’ll have time to work on any negative feedback you receive.

Top Tip: Some businesses like to open up a second social media account, set up especially for customer service.

February: The Month of Loving Your Business

With Valentine’s Day right in the middle of the month, February is the perfect time to include a few memorable and positive posts about your business and your product or service. Ultimately, tell your customers why you love your business!

That said, because of the ‘sales pitch-y’ nature of these posts- make sure you only include a few! Otherwise, you may risk getting dumped, even in the month of love…

March: The Month of New Beginnings

If you have not yet acted on your customer feedback from January, then March is the month to make sure you have responded to any negative feedback and expanded on any positive aspects of your business.

Okay, this does not mean ignore your customer’s satisfaction for the rest of the year, it simply means that a few posts in March letting your customers know how you are improving your service through your social media platforms, might just help your business grow and improve in 2016.

April: The Month of Free Gifts

Advertise a free product on your social media profiles and you’re onto a winner! You could make up Facebook competition, give it a boost, tie it into the Easter theme, and spread it across all your social media platforms.

You’ll be bound to spark up new interest and revive old customers.

May: The Month of Video

In May, we’re getting closer to summer so there’s no excuse not to get out in the sunshine and create a video for your business. What’s more, video is going to make a huge impact in 2016 (not that it hasn’t already!).

A video is visually appealing and will undoubtedly attract new followers and be watched by existing customers.

Top Tip: Make sure your video is captivating, interesting and relevant to your business.

June: The Month of Connections

June is a feel good month. Its warmer, we’re closer to the school holidays and, therefore, there’s no better time to share other business’ posts and make connections with other relevant companies.

Comment on their profiles, leave a message, share their posts, like their page and you’ll be sure to get some responses!

July: The Month of Summer Holidays

With the kids off school and most parents taking a couple of weeks off work too, July is the perfect month to post as much as possible on social media, and experiment with posts at different times of the day!

August: The Month of a new Platform

Why not take some time this August to explore a new social media platform. Perhaps you are new to Instagram, Google+, Pinterest or Growth Hackers?

September: The Month of News

Back to school, back to routine…so why not share some news about your business? Perhaps include a link to your blog for a bit of light reading!

October: The Month of Unique Images

We all know by now that a photo is worth 1000 words.

October brings with it golden, red and orange autumn sights, and a reminder to get out there and find some impressive photos, that no other business has taken already!

November: The Month of Explosion

With Bonfire Night fast approaching, November is the perfect month to post some quick-fire comments that are sure to get people’s attention!

December: The Month of Christmas Marketing Campaigns

Finally, December, being the month of Christmas, presents a fantastic opportunity to create some captivating marketing campaigns that are sure to create leads, attract sales and help promote your brand awareness.

Whether you are a sweetie company who can give away a huge hamper of sweeties to a lucky Facebook winner, or a sports brand creating a competition for a popular pair of trainers, your social media platforms can play a significant role in your Christmas marketing campaign.

Happy New Year!