Today’s Chart: Top 8 Metrics Used by Marketers to Measure Social Media Sponsorship Success

In the article by eMarketer “How Valuable Are Social Media Sponsorships” they show the top 8 measurements used to evaluate the success of a social media sponsorship program.

I have no clue how many people were surveyed and the +/- error rate of these findings (a pet peeve of mine when it comes to research results).

But, it does help you look inside the heads of some of our marketing peers to see what matters to them when it comes to social media sponsorship expectations.

Some Thoughts to Consider

  • If you are receiving or paying money for blog posts disclose this clearly and in each post
  • I’m not sure how one measures, objectively, the quality of content. This is subjective isn’t it? Are they measuring this based on comments, based on a buyer advisory panels assessment of the content? It does tell me that quality content matters when marketers evaluate a sponsorship opportunity however
  • Missing in these metrics are reach and conversion which are Key Performance Indicators I use for any program. Reach is what creates visibility which is the first step in creating awareness. Conversion measures the return on investment. Click throughs and cost per click are important to measure because it tells you if you the content is resonating and relevant and how much it’s costing you to develop an expression of interest

Are you sponsoring blog posts or paying to promote tweets? Let us know your thoughts below.