You are a manager, director or executive who wants to be a part of the social media experience and has a lot of great content to share with his/her clients and potential clients…but…you think you do not have the time.

My advice to you is be active and smart with your time on social media sites.


  • Use an application like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, and setup columns for your important people or lists.
  • Also check your mentions on Twitter and pay close attention to people mentioning your site.
  • Also, plan on setting a block of time 5-10 minutes and check your twitter stream periodically throughout the day.


  • Post a few words and leave an update on your Linkedin Home Page.
  • Attach a link to your blog or a good article and leave a comment about it.
  • Update your Linkedin Profile once a week. Are you aware that people who are connected to you receive weekly updates of people who update their profile. By updating your contact information or sharing a little bit about your work or company, you will keep your name alive with others.
  • Get the mobile phone app and search for new people to connect with. Connecting through the Linkedin mobile app is much easier and cleaner than using the web app. (Once you discover this tip, you will see how easy it is to connect with others on Linkedin and discover people who are willing to connect with you)


  • Add your blog post image to Pinterest. All you need to do is copy the blog post url to Pinterest and Pinterest will find your blog post image. I do this each day.
  • Connect your twitter profile to Pinterest. Pinterest will pull-in people you follow on twitter and you be able to follow your twitter connections on Pinterest.


  • Make sure you spend time connecting with new people each day. You can do this by looking at other people’s circles. This will help you follow a better group of people and develop a following similar to the people you like to follow.
  • Spend a few minutes and comment on other people’s posts on Google+. Anybody can hit the +1 button, but if you leave a comment and reference the person directly by typing in a “+” sign followwed by the person’s name, no space, you have just left a personal comment for that person.
  • If you use company pages on Google+, post your information on your personal site to the “public” first and then reshare it on your Google+ Page and post it only to the people “following” your company page. Company pages are in their infancy and people, like myself connect more to people than to company pages.

These are some time-sharing tips I am sharing with you so that you will be able to have a good experience on social media sites and still be able to do the important tasks which you must concentrate your time on.In addition, you will see an increase in your bottom-line for new accounts, increased sales and more advocates.

Remember Social Media gives you the opportunity to communicate your brand, broadcast news, engage with others and learn from others. Are you really too busy to not be a part of this process?

Dmitry Baranovoskiy