Social media has made a great impact on our everyday lives. Its widespread use and convenience are now becoming reasons for addiction.

Most common in teens and the middle aged, the excessive use of this is now an issue all around the world.

Some signs that show SM addiction :

  1. You go online first thing in the morning.
  2. You spend more time online than sleeping.
  3. You retweet some non-sense tweets every single time.
  4. You tweet or post everything you do, even if no one is asking you.
  5. Your followers and online friends know where you are at the exact moment because you have posted “Here at ….”
  6. You have accounts on 3 or more social networking sites and log into them on any given day.
  7. You memorize the trending topics on twitter.
  8. You have several lists and groups of friends.
  9. You post something across all your accounts on different sites at the same time.
  10. You once tweeted “I will never use Twitter“, or posted “I am not posting on Facebook“.
  11. You comment on status updates for the sake of commenting.
  12. You hate whales.
  13. You’re still reading this.
  14. The only birds you know are blue birds.
  15. You use twitter in the classroom and tweet about your teacher.
  16. You use Facebook more often than texting.
  17. You can relate to some of the items.
  18. You are disagreeing with me that you are a social media addict.

There are more signs of addiction to SM but I would like to finish and publish this post (i’m not writing a book). I’ll just leave you with these few items to ponder on. Are you one of THEM (I’m not an addict)? I’ll tweet about this.