Social Media ROII want to warn you the content in this post will really help you a lot  with your social media marketing efforts.

It is one of the best Social Media Interviews you will read. The questions are invaluable for analyzing your own social media planning efforts. It is a very informative document that you will want to reference.

Today, I came across this article, “Dell Defines Social Media ROI: An interview with Rishi Dave“  –   (Check it out after reading this blog post!)

Interview Questions

This is a great checklist for your company: (Insert your company name for “DELL” and see how you would answer the questions.)

If I was a full-time social media consultant, I would use these questions as a fact-finding tool. They are great questions.

1. How do you encourage people to engage in actions that benefit Dell (follow, fan, share, click ,buy, etc.)? Can  you give specific examples?

2. How do you think social media marketing drives revenue or saves money for Dell? Can you give specific examples?

3. How do you measure the success of your social media marketing – what are some of your main metrics/KPIs? Can you give specific examples?

4. Are there any tips you can give our readers that would add to the success of their social media programs?

5. Is there anything you would like to add about social media that has not been covered in my questions?

I really think you should answer these questions first yourself, before looking at the answers in the interview.  The answers might surprise you!

Two Key Points I came away with:

1. Content is king – If a company creates great content on a regular basis, it helps people stay engaged with the company and helps them learn more about the company. In addition, if the company staff is involved, they too will be closer to the services provided by the company and will be able to explain that message more clearer. It becomes a training, learning and sharing opportunity both inside the company and outside the company.

2. Social Media is all bout staying in touch with people and keeping an eye on your brand and the needs of your clients. It is a great opportunity to really make a difference in the business community. It takes time and connection with current clients and new potential clients.

Now check out the article referenced in this post!

What answers really stood out for you and your company?

I would be curious to know what you thought about the interview.

Please leave a comment if you found the information helpful.

I really think this is one of the best interviews you will have read in awhile.

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