Unlike other similar marketing documentation, a social media report isn’t strictly defined with a clear-cut structure. Even though you might be able to find different templates online, creating a paper to outline the data of a networking profile is not an easy task.

Almost every self-proclaimed digital marketing expert can tell you a few tips on how to define social media analytics to further your agenda. Yet, the truth is that we are all new to this.

The mere concept of social media marketing has been born less than a decade ago. Not to mention, as online tools adapt to new technologies the landscape of what the term represents also changes.

How A Social Media Report Can Help Bring You More Clients

We, as a society, redefine the ways in which different networking platforms are used almost by the day. But as a digital marketing agency representative you want to win more clients, right? Well, here’s how to do it.

The “Big Picture” of a Social Media Report

Much like anything else in marketing, the social media report is nothing more than a tool you can use to backup your existing ideas. This can include the brand performance of a company on a platform, social media competitor analytics and much more. But before you start choosing the analytics which to put in a report, you must consider the big picture.

The only thing that a client wants from a social media agency is results. This can be in the form of increased brand recognition, online traffic or any metric in between. The way those results are usually defined is through conversion.

Whether the client is selling a product, service or an idea, they ultimately want results. Much like with the purchase of a billboard or through a flyer marketing campaign, social media is only a means to an end. Even though your employees might have fun engaging with your client’s customer base, at the end of the day what you must deliver to your client is conversion results.

For a business owner, social media is just a tool people use to further their marketing agenda. Chances are, if they are tech savvy, they will have some idea of how this can be achieved. But whether or not that’s the case, it’s your job to help them realize the true potential of social networking platforms.

Social Media Report

And much like a marketing campaign is a means to an end for a customer, a social media report can be a means to an end for you in getting a client. You don’t have to advertise your business via this report, but instead you must show how what you do can help your client win more customers.

How is a Single Social Media Report a Great Advantage?

If you want to put your foot in the door, you must prove your worth. One of the best ways to do so, when it comes to social platforms, is to provide your client with proof that you are able to do the job. Showing a ton of slides of your existing projects and successes is a nice way to start.

But almost everyone who wants an in will have a good track record to backup their claims. Thus, to stand out, here are our suggestions. Dazzle them with a social media report of their current performance.

Let’s say, you want Samsung Mobile to be your next client. One way you can go about things is to outline a creative idea of how you can move their strategy forward based on your existing clients. But how do you close the deal? Instead of theorizing, put your words where your mouth is. Back up your idea based on existing data of their current social media performance.

Even though you won’t be able to have full access to the analytics of the Samsung Mobile profile that you would when they are your client, you are still able to create a neat report with the data that is available through the APIs of social media profiles. For example, in the above screenshot you can see that Samsung mobile had a 33% increase in the posted content, yet almost everything else was on the downtrend.

That’s a perfect setup to make up your case that you can turn those numbers around and that their existing social media strategy is not going in the right direction.



But dive in deeper, by taking a look at the Engagement rates and how abysmally small they are, you are almost ready to take in the cake before you’ve even tried. Simply by presenting the information that Samsung Mobile already has, you’d be able to create your case of how your digital marketing agency can improve their business. Making your due diligence to do the research of a company can show your client that you have commitment towards them and can give you further advantage in your presentation.

Going Astray – Researching the Market to Prove your Value

Another great way you can go about to win a new client is via proving your expertise in their own respective field. Most business owners want to be certain that their brands will be represented in a proper manner based on the industry they are in. Thus, by providing a social media report that includes market analytics can give you the needed edge to close the deal.

Research the Industry

The first step you need to take, once you have your eyes on a prospective client is to do your due diligence to research the industry. Usually, finding the main competitors of a business is a relatively easy task and is done via a few minutes of online scouting.

But knowing who your client is against is just the first step. If you want to provide social media marketing services to someone, you must be prepared to explain how exactly an online campaign on social platforms can further your client’s agenda.



Continuing with our previous example and by choosing a few of the top competitors of Samsung Mobile, we can immediately get a few insights on the social media state of the landscape.

First and foremost, Samsung Mobile doesn’t seem to perform that well compared to the companies we’ve chosen. If they were a potential client of ours, this could help us further prove our point that their social media campaign definitely needs some tweaking. The state of the landscape.



Diving further into the date, we can note a few changes that can be suggested. Take for example the top keywords that work in the industry. Compared to the keywords that are used by Samsung Mobile, you can see a clear difference.

Research the Social Media Performance of the Competitors

Furthermore, having access to such a market report can provide your client with numerous benefits that go outside of the world of social media. With this report, you can show your client that social media is not just about bringing in new clients and furthering your agenda.

Instead, networking platforms also provide you with insights on what your competitors are doing. If you don’t provide your clients with such analytics already, you should definitely start doing so today!




Diving in further, you can provide your client with research on the top performing posts. This can give you an idea of the expected direction in the content for that business. At the same time, it provides your client with the confidence that you are aware of how a single post can affect the outcome of a social media campaign.

In the Samsung Mobile example, you can analyze the top posts to push the insight that the featured product is receiving a response from the customer base on social media. What’s more, you can compare it to the best performing ones from HTC and OnePlusIndia to explain how pushing a marketing agenda can be achieved via proper content management on social platforms.

In a sense, both the posts from HTC and Oneplus India are just what people expect to find and engage with on Facebook, while the one from Samsung is more of a promotion/advert-type of post.

And don’t be fooled into thinking that we’ve spent days creating this Samsung report, just to give you a few examples in this piece. Instead, this report was easily created via our automatic social media reports features. You can check out the full report here.

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In fact, the above report was created in under 10 minutes with just a few clicks. That’s right! You don’t have to spend multiple hours researching and collecting different analytics, arranging them in a manner that is visually appealing.

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