social networks you don't want to forget

We know the drill – get on Facebook and Twitter, make sure to have a Google+ page, and produce good content.  But, there are more social media choices sprouting up day-by-day, so it’s important to know your other options.

Since you want to be sure you’re in front of your target audience, we recommend taking a look at these three types of platforms: Question-and-Answer networks, music sites, and Location-Based tools.  Thinking about what your target audience does on a day-by-day basis, it’s very likely they enter a site within those three categories.  Here are some suggestions for platforms you may be forgetting.

Question-and-Answer Sites

Quora: This Q&A site invites people to sign up through social media to post and answer questions on a wide range of topics.  The platform has evolved and now boasts celebrity posters that directly answer users’ questions.  Since you can filter by topic, it’s a good idea for a member of your team to take a look at what people are talking about — because most likely, it’s related to your industry.

Jelly: This platform takes a slightly different approach, but the basic idea is the same: Ask questions and get answers by strangers.  What marketers have found is Jelly can be a great way to get free product testing if they post high resolution pictures.  Of course, product testing many times can result in early adopters, so Jelly could be a good way to find bugs and/or new users.

Wikipedia: The classic Q&A site is really Wikipedia.  Who hasn’t found themselves on Wikipedia for hours finding more and more facts and interesting pages.  For marketers, it’s important that your client not only has a Wikipedia page, but that it’s accurate and up-to-date for when your target audience stumbles upon it.

Music Sites

Spotify: If you look around your office right now, you’ll probably see many people with headphones.  We spend hours and hours listening to music to help us focus and drown out background noise.  What a lot of people don’t know is that Spotify allows anyone to create a content on the site – you can have your users create a playlist to compete for your company’s gear. Or your company can create an awesome playlist and have your community vote on new songs to add.  Though it’s not a conventional marketing tool, Spotify is probably playing all around you right now.

MySpace: Though we thought MySpace was dead, this site still boasts over 36 million users.  Where there is really an opportunity on the site is with music.  Your product could have a MySpace page with new artists or industry trends that can probably catch the eye of your target.


Foursquare: Your audience is somewhere.  Though they may be scattered, using Google Analytics, you can probably find out where a high percentage of them are – and that is where location-based apps come in.  Sites like Foursquare allow you to give location-based deals and connect with users on a more personal level.

Meetup: Newcomers to town or people who want to network use this app to find events in their locations.  Marketers can use these events to meet potential customers, make connections of their own or sponsor an event and use the app to get attendees.
Whether you use some of these tools or just one, it’s important for marketers to know where their target consumer is in order to plan the perfect social media strategy.