Social Media MonsterYou know these type of people, they are everywhere and they want you to be one of them.

Many people will tell you that you need to engage and spend a great deal of time on social media platforms to build your presence.

The Social Media Student

These people will tell you they are all about social media. You will find these people looking at Instagram Pictures and Facebook Posts and checking out how many likes they have received in a 24 hour period. It is a big game to them and they get involved on a daily basis and love it when information they post goes viral with their friends.

The Social Media Pretender

These people are in your local community. They setup 1- 2 hour presentations in your local community and tell you all the benefits of social media and how they can help you gain more followers and likes each week. These people use tools that automatically add followers and they spend money on ads to attract people who will never buy from your company, but they will like your page as a part of a promotion.

The Social Media Presenter

Who has the time to spend 4- 6 hours a day on social media? If you do, you must be one of those people who goes around the country talking about the benefits of social media. In your business, you can spend this kind of time, because your income is the result of appearances at different shows and conferences. I have listened to these people and they really feel the need to tell you how many likes and followers they get on a regular basis. These people are in the moment and their moment is all about social media.

The “Typical” Social Media Executive

These people are the directors of some of the largest companies. They typically get help from others and are very careful about what they post for fear that somehow they will bring the company down if their post or tweet is received in a negative fashion. These type of people post about once a week at the most.

The “Ideal” Social Media Business Profile

Social media is evolving and people are getting much smarter about the way they use it. My advice for you would be to do the following:

Start on Linkedin – If you want professionals to connect with you, go to the place where professionals go to connect.

  • Get your profile in order and make it interesting.
  • Encourage people to connect with you. Send out personal invitations to others and connect with people in your profession, in your industry, cool people and innovative people. What do you have to lose?
  • Start a blog – You will quickly realize the power that you have with respect to gaining people’s attention

Get on Twitter – Be a part of the news that is being shared here.

  • Find a unique subject to talk about and start sharing information
  • When people retweet your information, thank them and connect with them
  • Share your blog and website here and find topics that help connect you with your audience.

Get on GooglePlus – It’s google and you need to build some SEO for your website

  • More and more people are getting on GooglePlus
  • You need to continue to build your personal profile on Google


Don’t get caught up with comparing your social media experience to someone else. If you want to use social media for business purposes start creating your own ideal profile. If you go into social media with no direction, that is exactly what you will get. All of the above profiles have their limitations, make sure you keep looking at the big picture. Remember social media is only one part of marketing, you should not be spending all of your time here.