Social media marketing tips concept and Instagram phone concept
Erik_Lucatero / Pixabay

As we move closer to 2020, it is obvious to almost everyone who uses the internet that social media is not going anywhere. In fact, it is taking the world by storm a little more each day, with new features popping up left and right. It can be hard to keep up with all of the changing social media trends, for the most diligent of marketers and especially for less internet-savvy business owners. In fact, there are some fairly basic social media tactics and tools that have been around for a little while that many businesses and marketers are either still failing to implement or are using incorrectly. Here are four mistakes that can be easily avoided in 2019 to have a better 2020 in the B2C realm.

1. Not Using Stories

Some social media strategies may not call for incorporating Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat into a business’s marketing plan. However, those that do need to include a plan for utilizing Stories on each platform. The disappearing nature of these 24-hour uploads make for a unique marketing tool that is likely to draw more clicks and encourage better engagement than a permanent post would. If your marketing team does not have someone who is proficient in story creation and management in its ranks, it is time to either find such a team member or identify someone who is willing and able to learn all there is to know about this unique form of content. If you are an independent marketer or make up a one person team, get ready to learn some new skills!

2. Skipping the Facebook “Our Story” Section

Less tech-friendly businesses or those without a dedicated marketing department often skip this important section, but it is very important in order to boost credibility and online attractiveness. A great way to start optimizing this section is by uploading an eye-catching photo to the Our Story photo area – one that is around the size of a Facebook cover photo, but properly sized for this unique box – and adding a paragraph or two of text about your or your client’s business history or mission. This will make the page look more complete and allow you to align it with your overall branding and marketing strategy.

3. Ignoring Facebook Video Best Practices

Whether you are creating an advertisement or just a post that you want to share with followers, following the best practices for creating video content on Facebook is key if you want to make sure that people actually watch it. Use on-screen text whenever possible – many users keep their Facebook volume muted to avoid workplace embarrassment and other mishaps – and keep the video length as short as is appropriate for the content. Lastly, make sure that your post copy is catchy enough to grab the attention of Facebook users who may be skeptical of watching just any video that pops up in their feed. A strategic hashtag or two that aligns with your overall SEO and marketing strategies doesn’t hurt, either.

4. Avoiding New Trends

Many businesses and even marketers are afraid of change, whether their fears are based on budget concerns, laziness or just an appreciation for the status quo. Unfortunately, an outdated social media marketing strategy will not help any business in the long run. The good news is that there are numerous online resources, courses and news articles that allow just about anyone to stay abreast of new trends in the B2C marketing world in order to create and maintain better, more updated social marketing plans.

It is not always easy to identify and adopt new technology, especially in the ever-changing world of social media. Doing regular audits and quality checks, as well as keeping updated on new social media trends through simple internet searches, can really help a marketer or business take social marketing to new heights and better levels of competitiveness.