Las Vegas is a total sensory experience. There are bright, flashing lights in all directions and giant billboards of ladies suggestively eating deep-fried Twinkies. There are sign spinners on every corner enticing you to run, not walk, into their casino to nosh on the $6.99 steak dinner while you shove pennies into a constantly bleeping slot machine. Vegas is an all-encompassing place to visit; it gets into the nooks and crannies of your being. You will buy. You will spend. You will be enticed.

If I sound cynical, it’s probably because I just returned from a long weekend in this American desert oasis. I have been to Vegas several times and was prepared for what I would find, but the hyper-pace of that town always leaves me exhausted; I have to spend days winding down to really appreciate the blur of a vacation.

While the amount of outbound marketing is overwhelmingly abundant, there are plenty of inbound marketing lessons an organization can take away from a trip to Sin City. I’m going to save you the money. Put your credit card back in your wallet.

Here are some ways you can take the best of Vegas and implement it into your social media marketing strategy.

Move Quickly
Remember what I was saying about hyper-pace? Everything moves that way in Vegas. I posted a photo on Instagram with #vegas. Less than one minute had passed and many Vegas tourist companies had liked my image or followed me. If you have a timely piece of information, get it out as fast as you can. Be timely.

Monitor What People Say
Businesses in Vegas are pro’s at this; they know their customers incredibly well. Just as I mentioned with my Instagram photo, it’s important to monitor relevant hashtags across multiple networks to keep up with what your customers are saying. In addition, you need to do research on what people are saying about your organization. Listen closely.

Make It Simple
There’s one thing for sure in Vegas: If you want to find a place to gamble and have a free drink, you aren’t going to struggle to do so. Need a deep fried Snickers Bar? No problem; just head toward the 20-foot video billboard. It is incredibly easy to find any range of food or entertainment in Vegas. Make your social media experience easy for your customers by providing clear links and information to go along with them. Tell your followers what your want them to do and then make it as easy as possible. Be easy.

Keep the Tone Light
Vegas does not like a Debbie-downer. Use your social media accounts to project a positive image of your industry and your organization. Ensure this happens by vetting your social media manager – not just anyone is built to be the voice of your company. Don’t be droll.

Roll the Dice
Do things seem stale on your social media accounts? It might be time to gamble on a new strategy. Take some time to look through your post history and see which ones worked the best. Re-work your strategy and roll the dice with something new. Take chances.

You don’t have to offer people free drinks to get them to follow you on social media. That would be cool, but we’ll let the casinos of Vegas keep that one. Genuine engagement that is timely makes the customer experience worthwhile and something for which to stick around.

What type of social media marketing tactics do you use to keep your followers engaged?