Looking at Social Media Marketing Strategy in Atlanta

Social Media Marketing: How to Optimize Social Profiles for Search

Your social network is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and sales. It provides you with a place to share content, communicate with customers and show how your product or service offers value to the community. However, there is only so much time and money that you can spend increasing your following. How can you grow your social networks organically?

Anything that is available for public viewing on a social media site will be indexed by Google. This means that you have a chance to rank for keywords when you create your Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, or Pinterest account. When done correctly, you will receive targeted traffic to your social media page, which should have links to your website or anywhere else that people can go to buy your product or your service.

You want to use keywords that are closely associated with your business and use them in the appropriate areas. This means creating a page name, URL and short description that has a targeted keyword in it. For instance, if you were a cosmetic dentist, you might have that keyword as part of your Facebook page, Twitter bio, or LinkedIn job description. You want to do this because Google will use information from these sections when it decides what to index.

Here is an example video on how to do this for LinkedIn:

The Advantages of Organic Search Traffic

There are many advantages to organic search traffic such as the fact that it is targeted and easier to convert. If you are a cosmetic dentist, you will get traffic from those looking to get their teeth fixed and need those services. Organic traffic is also cheaper to acquire, which enables you to get a larger return on the time that you took to create an optimized page.

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